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keep your profit

get the retail experience

grow your brand

being a small business does feel risky

the overwhelming total cost

the lack of community

the limited opportunity for growth

it doesn't have to be feel that way

Advantageous Locations

Bread currently have two permanent locations:
Maplewood Mall
North Town Mall

Being located inside of a mall gives you natural customer traffic and the opportunity to engage with your customers.

The Immersive Approach

Bread's immersive environment gives small retail businesses the ability to get the growth that can only be obtained through experience.

The growth is just getting started

To date, more than 22 small businesses have grown through Bread.

Some have even become their own retail store

how you can get started

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our retail platform lets business owners have more control

keep your profit

get the retail experience

grow your brand

Hear from our community changers

I was so nervous when I first started but within a few months, I have business skills I didn't have before. 

Now I am confident that one day, Foxxy Blaque Chic Boutique will expand outside of Bread.
That's what we have here and I love it!!!

Angela Graham
Owner - Foxxy Blaque Chic Boutique

I came with a tiny inventory that would barely cover a table and no experience of pop-up retail in America.

My brand evolved from just masks to dresses, skirts, dashikis, tarot card readings, waist beads, hair wraps, children’s clothes, exclusive elegant apron dresses and more!! 

Gogo Nyadze Ndara
Owner - Ndara's Jewels

Since Renaissance became a part of Bread, our customer base as expanded and our business has an even more professional feel and look.  

We are grateful for this opportunity that Marsha has created through Bread. I know we could not have done this without her.

Marquise Armstrong
how much will it cost?

The monthly investment varies depending factors such as:

Time commitment.

It is in the range of $1000/month - $1300/month

Will I Be A Good fit for the platform?

Bread's retail platform works best with business owners who wants to propel the growth of their business.

To further explore if you're a good fit, we invite you to view our About Us page.

what benefit would bread give me?

The opportunity to network and get the retail experience that will equip you to grow beyond Bread's platform.

Will Bread help me get customers?

Malls are already a place of naturally occurring customers.

It is ultimately up to you, the business owner, to develop a marketing plan to draw them in.


you are in business for yourself but it doesn't have to be by yourself

Keep Your Profits

Get the retail experience

grow your brand

Ready to put your retail business in the fast lane?