our mission

At Bread, we believe it is not right that business owners with unique products are not given a chance in the marketplace.

Our retail platform gives them the floor to engage and empower their customers. The experience equips business owners to grow and thrive in their own economy.

A Quick Story About The person who started it all

Where It All Began
Marsha Magdalene's entrepreneur spirit came from her roots as a child of Hmong immigrants. Her family's expertise in farming helped create income during their early years. The exposure to serving the vegetable needs of others setup the foundation for Marsha’s entrepreneur drive. 

The Turning PointIn the Summer of 2019, Marsha was laid off from her job and the thought of not being able to provide for her son and losing everything drove a determination to the surface. Marsha promised to never again be put in a helpless situation if she can control it.

A New BeginningMultiple businesses were started but each faced the reality of limited resources. As Marsha watched other businesses get the resources she needed, she again took things into her own hands. That setoff the idea for Bread, the platform for small businesses to have their floor to engage and grow their customers. A platform for the determined entrepreneurs to be given a chance.

the journey to bread

The Problem

The root of Bread started when Marsha's son, Aniki Allen, was starting to develop his own business making bow ties. Without a proper platform to operate on, a third-party seller had to be used.
The profit cuts were discouraging, considering how much time and effort was put into each hand-made bow ties.

the solution

Determined to control their own destiny, Marsha searched for a retail space that she can operate on her own terms. Community spaces were filled out or were denied.
The cost for a retail room in the mall was high but it was the option to go for best benefits.

the result

Bread now has two permanent locations in Maplewood Mall and Northtown Mall with pop-up events happening throughout Minnesota. 
The platform has become a foundation for over 22 stores, some of which have blossomed into having their own stores and customer base.

We are on a mission and am just getting started

our vision


To grow into all 110 of Washing Prime Group's
retail properties


To give small businesses all around
the world a retail platform

join the team that is growing communities
one business at a time